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George Daniel Keep it Simple

Fast Water Hare Ear

The Hares Ear is a confidence pattern that should be in any anglers fly box. This fly is one of my go tos for competition and new water. Its buggy imitative profile is similar to many different bugs found in the water. Its tied with a tungsten bead to help it sink and is also tied on a jig hook to make it ride point up and reduce snag ups. The fat body allows you to pile lots of lead under this fly to make it very heavy if need be. Anytime you know there could be caddis in the water, or you just want to probe new water, the fast water hares ear is the fly of choice.

Simple BWO Nymph

The Blue Winged Olive of BWO nymph is a standard in my fly box. It imitates many different small baetis and other mayflies. Its slender profile and buggy thorax imitate a large variety of flies. This thing is deadly anytime there are mayflies in the water. Often times when searching new water ill fish the simple BWO nymph and fast waters hares ear. The secret on this fly is keeping the body taper slender and compact.

Quick Black Leech

Every fly fisherman should have some streamers. Everything from Stillwater fish all the way through to fresh stockers in a river are all suckers for streamers. I prefer just a few colors, black, olive, white, tan, and pink. If I had to pick just one color though it would be black. A fish wont always it something bright like pink, or white, but if they are going to eat a streamer you can normally get action on black. This is a simple tie and can be re created in a variety of colors. Try weighting the fly with tungsten beads or lead wraps to manipulate its action in the water. The quick black leech is a deadly fly!


The frenchie is one of the most "famous" competition flies out there today. Many anglers noticed that the French competition angers (some of the best in the world) were tying simple pheasant tail patterns with nothing more then pheasant tail and a small hot spot behind the collar. After a number of years dominating the competition circuit with a box of very ordinary pheasant tails everyone began to take notice. Although its a well known fact that how you fish a fly is more important then the fly itself....the frenchie and its popularity was born. To this day it remains at the very top of my list as a confidence pattern. Try using various color hot spots and collars to cater to whats available on the water you are going to fish.